An Update of the Worlds of Wine: The Emerging Countries Influence

Gustavo Ferro, Emiliano Villanueva
Publicado en
International Journal of Economics and Business Research IJEBR
ISSN: 1756-9869

The article re-categorises two concepts widely used in the literatura of wine, old world and new world. It generates a new classification of the world of wine in terms of the up-to-date paths of production, consumption, and global trade expansion in the last decades: emerging countries competing with developed countries. While determining the temporal and geographical location of the major transformations that happened in the wine industry in the last six decades, the article opens the discussion for a better and updated characterisation of the worlds of wine. It is imperative to compare and examine wine countries within their structural local and global economic and competitive context; it is then relevant to use a 21st-century classification like the one this article proposes (developed versus emerging countries) rather tan a 20th-century characterisation (old world versus new world) when describing, analysing, and defining the worlds of wine.

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